A note for e-mail subscribers

Many of you subscribe to Shoot Raw updates by e-mail but if you’re reading this in your inbox, it’s probably the first update you’ve had from us for some time. That’s because there was some invalid code in an article we published a few weeks ago about how to back up your Lightroom work.

The service that sends our articles out by e-mail is Google’s Feedburner, which (we now know) silently stops sending e-mail updates to subscribers when it hits a problem with invalid code in one of the articles it’s supposed to mail.

There were four articles that weren’t sent to e-mail subscribers, though they did make it to those of you who get the RSS or Atom feed:

There’s one in particular that we’d like you to glance at, especially if you’ve been hoping to book some training but have been worried about cost:

Alternatively, you can just visit the blog and read them all there on a single page. From today, you should be getting your e-mail updates the usual way—when we publish an article, you’ll get it mailed to you in the morning. When we don’t publish anything, no e-mail is sent.

Several of you have subscribed since the problem began and will have experienced a resounding silence since you joined. If you’re new, welcome! You can expect more regular updates in the future. (Till the next time we break something…)

If you find the articles useful, please forward them on to anyone else whom you think might be interested. Thank you!