Some Shoot Raw updates

Digital workflow: new prices for Lightroom training courses in London

Shoot Raw has been around since November last year, offering digital workflow tuition and courses based on Adobe Lightroom. During that time, we’ve have noticed one consistent thing: serious amateurs who want to get better at post-processing workflow have been calling or writing to arrange one-on-one training and, so far, we’ve been too expensive for them. Well, we’ve taken the hint and we’re reworking our price structure. We’ll have some welcome announcements later this week, for both amateurs and pros. If you’ve been in touch with us previously for prices but haven’t been able to justify the cost of a course, drop by again on Wednesday. We’ll have offers for amateurs and professionals.

Four Corners Film

I did three days at Four Corners Film last week, teaching digital processing and workflow, based on Lightroom. The students were a great group, interested in different types and aspects of photography but working well together. I really enjoyed it and I hope they did, even though there was a lot of information to take in. Considering that this is the first time the course has been run, it has been really successful so far—the students have learned 35mm film photography, processing in the chemical darkroom, lighting and digital workflow and will go on to learn about marketing and to complete a project, finishing with an exhibition. I saw some really good work there, too. It’s a great opportunity and it’s the kind of course many self-taught photographer will benefit from.

PIN network for photographic businesses in London

Four Corners Film runs a professional development network for existing photographic businesses; both of us at Shoot Raw joined last year and have found it very useful. It’s free to join and is called the Photo-Imaging Network (PIN). You can find more details about it here. There are meet-ups, seminars on business skills, networking and marketing events and some really good talks (sometimes organised in conjunction with London Metropolitan University) from established artists. We’ve recently attended talks by fine artist John Goto,, commercial photographer Ray Massey and his son Jean-Michel, fine artist and portrait photographer Franklyn Rodgers, photographer Zoe Maxwell talking about her work as archive specialist at Autograph ABP and Anne Williams, course director of LCC’s MA Photography programme . If you’re a London based photographic business, visit the PIN page and get in touch with Four Corners to see if there are still places available. There was even a new bursary announced last week, offered exclusively to PIN, which will be awarded to one PIN photographer for a project about the East End.

The BJP—now monthly

By Internet standards, this is very old news because it was announced more than a week ago but the British Journal of Photography was just relaunched as a monthly and we’re really pleased to have secured a slot this month in their directory listings.

More on Wednesday…