New training space in central London (and hello to readers of the BJP newsletter)

Training in central London

We’re often asked about Lightroom tuition in central London, rather than at photographers’ own studios, homes or offices. We’re pleased to say that we can now offer exactly that — an afternoon or a day in the very vibrant area around the Old Spitalfields market. It’s very easy to get to — it’s near Liverpool Street Station or Shoreditch High Street stations. Training will be at one of the meeting rooms at The Cube.

It’s ideal for Q & A, to go over aspects of your Lightroom-based workflow that you’re unsure of or for a full day’s training. You can bring a laptop with your work on it or we can just use ours. Call 0333 570 5703 for details or, better still, complete our contact form. To get to the form, just click here.

Coming up

We’re taking bookings for training in November and December (obviously!), there’s a complete website refresh coming up, we’re going to offer printer profiling soon for your printer/ink combinations and there are new workflow articles on the way.

Hello to readers of the BJP newsletter

If you’ve arrived here after clicking on a banner ad in the current BJP newsletter and you’re interested in help with your photographic workflow — working faster, getting better results — we’d love to hear from you. Call 0333 570 5703 or complete our contact form by clicking here.

Vision 10

We’ll have a discount voucher appearing in the show guide for Vision 10 on Friday, November 19th. It will offer a discounted rate for one-on-on Lightroom training. Look out for it!