ASMP creates

The American Society of Media Photographers has just launched its new digital photography site,, covering a lot of what you need to know about digital photography workflow. We haven’t had time to explore every section yet but so far, it’s looking very thorough and easy to follow. It was funded by the US Library of Congress and is entirely free; its content is also free to share, as long as attribution is provided. It looks very promising, covering workflow, colour management, printing, and best practice in many areas of digital photography.

To begin with, watch the five-minute video overview here.

One tip for UK readers: if you search for topics related to colour management, you’ll want to make sure you’re using American English spelling. There’s plenty of information there on colour management but understandably, a search on “colour” returns no hits right now, while “color” returns five pages of links . 🙂

Tucked away at the bottom of the Project Team section is a list of names, under the heading Friends of Bestflow. They include Tom Hogerty, John Nack and the excellent Eric Chan (aka MadManChan), all Adobe employees heavily involved with Adobe Lightroom.

(Via John Harrington.)