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What is it?

It’s a virtual store—a collection of stuff that we recommend. We don’t sell hardware or software directly or hold stock of anything but there are many items that we’re happy to recommend to clients when they ask. We’ve now started to put those things into a small, specialist version of the Amazon UK store, in association with It’s intended for photographers, first and foremost, but might be of interest to others, too. The contents are things that we hope are useful if you either use a workflow based on Adobe Lightroom or would like to. We’ve started with books, storage, Lightroom itself (of course) and accessories. The store allows us to add our own descriptions to the listings very easily and in fact, the initial description that you see next to each item pictured on the store is written by us. It’s followed by the usual Amazon listing and customer reviews.

How do we profit from the store?

Short answer: very slowly. 🙂

If you order anything from the store and happen to check out straight away, Amazon pays us a small commission (five percent) from its share of the profit, up to a maximum of £7. It has no effect on what you pay, which is the regular Amazon UK price (usually an excellent deal) and exactly the price as the normal Amazon UK store at that time. You deal with Amazon or an Amazon reseller directly when you buy—we don’t even see the transaction. (Generally, we’re happier buying directly from Amazon UK itself than from one of its resellers—you might feel the same way, in which case please check that the item you’re interested in says “Sold by and dispatched from”. The seller of an item can change from Amazon UK itself to a reseller and back again depending on stock situation and price so we can’t control that aspect—just check when you’re ready to order that you’re buying from Amazon or from a reseller with a good reputation.) The store isn’t going to make us rich but it does feel good if you find our recommendations and our site useful enough to buy something from the store. It’s encouragement for us to continue to push out the free articles on the site.


You’re dealing directly with Amazon (or an Amazon reseller) so we don’t see any information whatsoever about buyers or addresses.

We do regularly get to see a list of items that have been purchased. We really appreciate your support—thank you!

What about VAT?

Things work exactly as they do with the main store itself. We’ve always had a VAT receipt when we buy things from Amazon and its resellers.


If there’s an aspect of the store that you liked or didn’t like, we’d love to hear about it! Write to or call us on 0333 577 5703.


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