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We offer digital workflow training and tuition for photographers at all levels.

We get you working confidently and quickly.



Your computer is now your darkroom and holds all your ‘contact sheets’.

If you set things up properly, it can be easier than ever to find the image or shoot you’re looking for.

We show you how to whittle a shoot down to its best shots, build and manage your image library, back up your work, pull your on-the-road edits back into your main library and organise your work into albums and collections.

We also show you what not to do when organising your library of images…



We cover every stage of processing, from the adjustments you can make in packages like Lightroom and Capture One (often adjusting groups of images simultaneously) to detailed, pixel-by-pixel work in Photoshop.

We can work with complete newcomers to image processing or those who need to learn advanced techniques.



We help photographers make exhibition-quality prints. We can provide advice on new printer purchases and help with almost every aspect of colour management and preparation for print. (We also offer custom printing for our clients.)

We make print profiles for your choice of paper, ink and printer. More importantly, we can teach you to do all those things yourself.


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Telephone: 0333 577 5703*

We do most of our work near London (where we’re based) and around the South East but have worked throughout the UK over the last five years.

*Calls to our 0333 number cost the same as calling a 01 or 02 landline number. Calls to 0333 are part of your inclusive minutes, too. More info.

Colour Management

This topic is related to workflow, post-processing and print-making. Some core understanding of colour management is essential to getting your work looking good on different devices.

If you’ve exported rich, tastefully saturated images and seen them looking washed out on your tablet, that’s a simple colour management problem.

Print colours aren’t close to your display colours? Colour management.

Prints dull and too dark? Usually display calibration and profiling.

We can help with every aspect of colour management for photographers.


When we get a chance, we provide information and updates through our blog. They’re free—take a look. To sign up to receive each new article the day after we publish it, just visit Google’s sign-up page by clicking here. (Your e-mail address is safe with us — we don’t share it.) If you are comfortable using RSS or Atom instead of e-mail, click here.


Here are the packages we work with most often:

* Adobe Photoshop
* Adobe Photoshop Elements
* Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
* Phase One Capture One Pro

There are too many more to list. If you’re new to a digital workflow or find yourself stuck, we can help you choose the right software and get the most from it.