Lightroom courses, London

Complete Lightroom workflow course, Lightroom 3

Monday, 18th October 2010

Workflow training course for photographers, based on Adobe Lightroom 3. Introductory level course, covering complete workflow, from import to export. Work faster and get better results.

10 am to 5:30 pm, at Jacob’s, New Oxford Street, London.

Monday 18th October 2010.

£69.99 per person, including VAT.

Advanced Lightroom workflow course with extended Q & A sessions

Tuesday, 19th October 2010

Advanced workflow training for photographers. Intermediate and advanced topics, with extended time for trainee-led Q & A and troubleshooting.

10 am to 5:30 pm, at Jacob’s, New Oxford Street, London

Tuesday 19th October 2010.

£69.99 per person, including VAT.

More information

The main page about this course is here.

You can book either or both days. They work well together but we want to allow photographers as much flexibility as possible.

If you have any questions, please call us on 0333 577 5703 or e-mail

If you’d rather pay by bank transfer, please get in touch for details. You can also pay by cheque, by making a cheque out payable to “Shoot Raw” or “Paraling Limited” and sending it to the address at the foot of this page but please let us know before posting a cheque so that we can keep a place for you. (You’ll also need to post your cheque no later than Monday 11th October.) Regardless of payment method, you will receive a full VAT invoice. As with our one-on-one courses, if you’re unhappy with the course, you will receive a full refund. (We’ve never had a request for a refund.)

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